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Ruth Housley

Ruth Housley

Denton, TX


Ruth Housley Fine Art and Photography

I was born and raised in Eastern West Virginia. I went to art school and took classes to become an artist at the University of New Mexico. Later after we moved from New Mexico back to Texas I took more classes to further my education in art. I studied with Professional artist Joseph (Jerry) Yarnell with Jerry Yarnell School of Fine Art. I studied with Professional artist Quinten Gregory with his tapes and books.

The love I have for nature and capturing its colors and textures on canvas is a challenge I love to tackle and the passion I have for painting is evident in the finished product. Painting is an all encompassing personal experience as well as source of communication. Painting is not what you see, but what you know and feel about the subject that you are visualizing at the time.

Afghan Photography

Hummingbirds and Woodpeckers

African Violet Flowers Photography

Airplane Photography

Egrets and Herons Photography

Red Wing Blackbird Photography

House Finch and Purple FinchPhotos

Spotted Towhee Photography

Indigo Bunting Photography

American Goldfinch Photography

White Wing Dove Photography

Blue Jay Photogrpahy

Male and Female Northern Cardinal Photography

Butterfly Photography

Bird Photography

Ducks - Geese and Gull Photography

Crosses Photography

Donkeys and Horse and Mules Photography

Rose Photography

Cows and Longhorn Photography

Dallas Photography

Denton Photography

Texas Photography

Iris Photography

Hibiscus - Magnolia and Orchid Photography

Caprock Canyon State Park Texas Photography

Trees and Cactus Photography

Flower Photography

Carnation and Daylily Photography

NacogdochesTexas Azaleas Photography

Texas Wildflower Photography

Palo Duro Canyon State Park Texas Photography

Lizards and Turtle Photography

Texas Hill Country Photography

Grand Canyon Arizona Photography

Sold Artwork

Enchanted Rock State Park - Garner State Park - Lost Maples State Park Photography

Galveston and Houston Texas Photography

Claremore - Turner Falls and Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma Photography

Mesa Verda Colorado Photography

Rocky Mountain National Park and South Central Colorado Photography

Still Life Photography

Big Bend National Park Texas Photography

National Arberetum at Washington DC Photography

Maine Photography

Choco Canyon New Mexico Photography

Arizona Photography

Animal Photography

Virginia and West Virginia Photography

Maryland - Pennsylvania - and Washington DC Photography